WiFi Hotspot From Old Phone

A WiFi hotspot that completes all your internet needs is quite simple to make one on so called Smartphone. Still there are limitations, i.e. short range, lack of regulations and you need a smartphone. How about merging your old router and create an extreme WiFi hotspot from any internet enabled phone or data card and a wifi router!!!

We will use a phone or data card as a Modem -the thing that connects to the internet. Now theater the phone with datacable and share that connection with the ethernet which is connected to the router (use LAN port not internet port), set internet (WAN) settings to connect through DHCP, now you’re done !!! Straight and Simple right ? You can do this even without a tutorial , Give it a try yourself and tell us your story how and why you did that.



Don’t worry I’m not going to leave you like that,

Here’s the tutorial:

Step 1: Connect to the Mobile Data though the Modem (i.e. Phone or Data Card)

As you’re connected to the mobile data, tether it to your computer. It differs in old mobiles but on android this will help Use Android Packet Data on your Computer. Make sure you are connected to the internet.

Step 2: Sharing is Caring

Now you got to share the connection which have the internet access to the ethernet which is connected to the router. How ? Most probably you know

Go to Control Panel ->Network and Sharing Center

Here you can see which connection have internet access, remember that connection.

Now click on the Change adapter settings, open properties of that Connection -which have internet access, go to Sharing tab, tick on Allow other network users to ….. and select the ethernet adapter. It should look like this …

Sharing Network

Here Local Area Connection 2 is connection from my mobile device -which have internet access and Local Area Connection is my ethernet adapter, yours might be different.

A side note: Ethernet connection must be a Home Network.

Step 3: Configure the Router

Actually there is only one thing you got to do on router. It is to set internet setting (in some routers WAN settings) to connect through DHCP that’s it !!! As everyone know that all routers are not the same, they are similar.

Now you set up security options of WiFi. Use WPA2 with a strong password to prevent normal attacks. To stay extra safe do MAC filtering.


Step 3: Use this technique Create WiFi Hotspot on Windows.


Now you are good to go with you brand new WiFi Hotspot !!! and more experience of computer network geeking !!!



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