Hello world!

Hi There 😀

Welcome to another “GeeK” web but this one is quite different because the Pingupop2Org. made this.Sounds weird but that’s the name of my Org. not so popular even there are only three official members !!!! Check  Pingupop’s bLOg our first project to know how we’re different.

Let’s talk something about geek,after all this is a geek blog so i have to a talk about it and I’m not gonna tell you any tip or trick in this post but tell something “about us” and this Project.

If you’re a follower of @Pingupop2Org(of course you’re not because we just have 10 followers till now)  ,we mentioned about a secrete project, TiP TO GeeK is that one which is no more secret now 😀 . Continue reading Hello world!