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It is very useful to split file in small parts. Files which are really huge.This could be done using WinRAR or any other archiving software but there is a major issue of speed while using those methods because they do compressing while parting. Here is a cure of splitting with speed .4GB file splitting in 5 parts within two minutes with this method.

Splitting could be done faster using a HEX editor.HEX editor let us to see HEX of any file,still you can use text editor but it would be slower than a snail(if you don’t belive me then try to open a 10MB file with any text editor it would stuck your computer).

Here is the technique using HxD HEX editor.You can download it from http://download.cnet.com/HxD-Hex-Editor/3000-2352_4-10891068.html


First I’m telling a manual way. Automatic way is only for HxD.

Manual Way (More Complex):

Step1:Install any HEX editor.(I would prefer HxD)

Step2:Open your file you want to split with it.

Step3:Select and copy HEX parts from the file (as per preferred size) to a new HEX file.Do this one by one and Copy (or Move) the whole file to several small HEX files.Copy HEX codes from the bottom to the top.Left sided numbers 

Here you must save the HEX files with their orders (like number1,number2…) and their extension(like .exe,.txt,…).

This is just coping parts of HEX  file to several small HEX files.

And you are done with splitting.Now here is combining with a single step.

Copy the parts of HEX to a new HEX file by the order.

The new HEX file must be same as the main HEX file you have  parted so put HEXs as you taken from the main file.

It is done 😀

This “Manual” trick was quite “tricky” and you can’t make more parts so speedy so here is an automatic  way which is provided by HxD.


Open HxD and…

To split: go to Extra >> File tools >> Split.

To join parts: Extra >> File tools >> Concatenate.

 This technique is very fast and simple because this whole process takes few minutes.




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