Speed UP Old Computers

If you’re running Windows7 with lower memory (RAM) so this may be the best way to speed up programs with Windows RedyBoost and Virtual Memory.still this is useless for those who have enough memory to run but a little knowledge you would like.

This is very simple thing,

  • Insert a Flash Drive (also known as thumbdrive and pendrive,this won’t be working with Portable HDDs)
  • It may open an Autoplay where is an option “Speed up my system”(RedyBoost) or you can get it from the Drive’s Properties ->RedyBoost

  • Select the amount of the storage you want to use for the ReadyBoost.This will be used by the windows as cache memory which makes your windows faster.

You’re done.Now the windows would store some cache on the drive.

It wasn’t the real kind of geek,it’s an inbuilt function of the Windows but the next one is the real part.

Now another way to speed up by increasing virtual memory,

  • Go to System Properties -> Advanced System Setting ->Setting (in performance)->Advanced (tab) -> Change (in Virtual Memory)        
  • Uncheck the Automatically manage……… then select any drive other then the C (where you’ve installed the windows.Go for Custom size and select a size to make current allowed size near to recommended size or use the system managed size.


Make sure you have made a Restore point before doing this because this is not recombination by the windows so be alert before doing this.

We have another post on speeding computer @Pc starting slow? Boot up Windows xp/vista/7 faster. . I’m done for now,more TiPs for next time Bye 😀


7 thoughts on “Speed UP Old Computers”

    1. You can try the second trick for Virtual Memory but there isn’t any service inbuilt like RedyBoost,still you can try eboostr for it which not that “FREE”.

  1. This is a good tip ONLY when you have enough RAM to run your primary programs. I mean, having 2GB of Virtual Memory (called SWAP) and 1GB of RAM is USELESS, because there are 99.9% chances that your PC may slow down instead of Speeding up. THis is because when you use Virtual MEmory such as Flash Drive, then the computer uses it as RAM, as RAM’s speed of Copying and pasting and transferring data is TOO HIGH than a flash drives, your PC may get stuck up with virtual memory. BUT VIRTUAL MEMORY IS REALLY NICE TO RUN ALL YOUR SECONDARY (LIGHTWEIGHT) PROGRAMS… Anyways, nice post.

    1. hey jay…we know this thats why we have said that this will be helpfull IF you are having low ram…trust me it works coz i am using win7 with only 512 mb ram and this trick really works…and mind that all programs dont use virtual ram and i think your copy-pest concept is not applicable here(this is what i think as my own experience)…
      btw thanks for comment…

  2. You might want to try the following to troubleshoot to if it is a hardware problem or software problem.

    Checking your Hardware
    Yes, Physically cleaning your computer can help reduce the heat build up. If it is a laptop you can buy a fan to place under your laptop to cool it down. Check to see in your task monitor if you are using alot of RAM or cpu cycles. If you are using up a large percentage of your RAM you probably need upgrade to more RAM or use less programs at the same time. If you CPU is continously spiking, it could be your computer is overheating or you have a program that using it. You can try to find and kill it using your task monitor.

    Cleaning Up Your OS
    1) run chdsk on your harddrive to see if you have any bad sectors
    2) try degfraging your harddrive
    4) if using a lot of ram try uninstalling some of your unused software
    You can try some software fix some of these problem if you dont want to do it manually.
    Checkout http://solvingpcproblems.com

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