Run Unsupported Add Ons in Mozilla Firefox!

Firefox by Mozilla Corp. is one of the most successful browsers in recent time. In some newer versions or beta versions of Mozilla Firefox many add-ons are unsupported.If you want to make them run I got a trick by using that most of (Not Every) add-on can work on your Firefox.

STEP 1: Get Your Add Ons.


First of all you have to download your add-on.Probably you can’t get it from Firefox because they don’t allow you to install unsupported add-ons.

Download your add-on from another browser.Here I am downloading from chrome.Your add-on extension would be .xpi 

STEP 2: Make it Capable for Your Version.

For make that add-on run in your Firefox you must edit that XPI file.We are gonna use 7-zip for editing.Download it for Windows here.If other OS,get it from .

Now open your add-on from 7-zip file manager.You will see file named Install.rdf do right-click and click on it and choose EDIT.Open it in Notepad. You will find a line like this: <em:maxVersion>3.0.1

Now edit version with your Firefox version.Save file.And …its ready for your Firefox…

Go in add-on panel.Select option Install From File.Select your edited file.Install.Restart.And you are done…

Let me show you Example…

Here is I am using Firefox 4.0.1 beta.I got add-on Smart Bookmarks which doesn’t support this version.

I downloaded this from chrome.

Edited Insall.rdf file in 7-zip file manager.Saved it.

Installed in Firefox.

Before installing…After installing…Add-on Works!!


NOTE: Every add-on does not support this trick.Try this with your add-on and check how lucky you are…


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