How to Recover Permanently Deleted Files

Whenever you press the “Shift-Delete” or empty the Recycle Bin (or Trash) to permanently delete files, that actually don’t “permanently delete” files. That means you can get those files back like Magic !!! Software required to do that magic are called file recovery software. This could be very useful if you’ve accidentally deleted important files even wiped whole disk you can get almost everything back.

There are several magical fancy freewares for Windows, I’ve tried few of them, and I liked three of them which are easy to use and does the work. I’ve mentioned only three but there are lot more software available for restoring deleted files but in my opinion these three should get the work done.



Restoration is a tiny and portable software. In comparison to other restoring software this one is the fastest and the simplest. You don’t need to install it, just extract the zip and run the exe as administrator. This can be part of your rescue flash drive.

Pros: Small size, Fast , Portable, Also includes a shredder, Free for all.

Cons: Doesn’t show image preview, Less sophisticated UI compared to other competitors.


Download Link :

2.Piriform Recuva

Recuva have a nice looking UI and gives more options like deep scan and quick scan. It also shows preview of image files and bunch of information of file condition. It’s power pack software for restoration. Recuva have both free and paid versions, I recommend the free version :p

Pros: Good looking, Shows Image preview, Scan options.

Cons: Needs license for commercial usage.


Download Link:

 3.Puran File Recovery

Puran is very similar to Recuva but as I test it does more deeper search than Recuva and Restoration. In case you can’t find a desired file from Recuva and Restoration try Puran. As Recuva, Puran also offers both free and paid versions.

Pros: Deeper search.

Cons: Needs license for commercial usage.


Download Link


There are some restoring apps even for Android, try Undelete Root Required it’s smooth and simple.

That was for Windows, If you want to restore from any OS TestDisk is well known solution, It’s not that user friendly as It doesn’t include a GUI yet it is one of the most powerful tools.

For Linux users go

If you have wiped out whole hard drive and want to restore every piece then this would help

As you saw you can restore files using some “Magical” software, you may ask HOW ??

This is the answer of that “HOW ??”

Any hard drive can’t literally erase data it can overwrite on data. So when you delete a file (permanently delete) its data can’t be erased but it is marked that new data can be overwritten on that location. Until some new data haven’t overwritten on that location the data of the deleted files remains unchanged but you can’t see it from common file browser. If you have recently deleted a file and haven’t done any data transfer on that location you can restore it but it can’t be always same as it was, may be corrupted may be distorted if you’re lucky it can be the.

This may also pop another question “How the hell I can completely delete a file ?” and the answer is simple use shredder. Not paper shredder ,a file shredder software. A shredder software simply overwrites file data with random data many times.

Shredders for,


Linux: wipe

Mac OS X:



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