Quickest Way To Copy File Path – A Sweet Little Trick

Alright! How often you need file’s full path while roaming around? Maybe you need folder’s path? If not while roaming around then while CMD-ing things? Or while programming and playing with files inside? Or maybe while you’re doing nothing and just for nothing you need full path? Possible, innit? Alright, I’ll show you the fastest (maybe) way to get that guy’s (or girl maybe) full path.

While this trick goes for Windows OS, // Win7 or above

did you ever miss the Tabbing support in Windows? Like how you keep adding slashes and type one or two initial characters and then HIT THE TAB to get the rest of the work get done and again repeat the story after adding one more slash in Terminal. Poor Windows don’t got support for multiple level Tabbing support i.e. You cannot get auto-complete for contents of a folder inside the PWD 🙁



Here you go! Pick a folder or a file. I’ll wait… Alright, done?

Read this and follow along ->

  • HOLD THE RIGHT SHIFT (left will also work, I just realized)
  • Right Click the Desired file/folder while holding the SHIFT
  • Find the ‘Copy as Path’
  • And click it if you want this Lil Trick to end
  • Now go pasting the Path around.


And here you go pasting:

Let your friends and colleague know about this, will you? 😀


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