Manage your WebSite content without FTP client

If you wanted to manage your website content/files or manage any other FTP account without using any ftp client in Windows xp/vista/seven you just need to follow these steps!

STEP 1:  Make your FTP portal!

  • Go to My Computer .
  • Do Right Click in blank screen and click on “Add a Network Location”
You will see something like this…
  • Click on NEXT choose “Choose a Custom Network Location “

STEP 2: Configure It!

  • Write your FTP account location like:
  • De-select Login Anonymously.
  • Select a desired name for that network location.
  • Click on Finish
You will be asked for username and password for your FTP account so add it there and manage your files.If you don’t know about your FTP address /username / password please contact your webmaster. You can find these details in the Email which has sent by your hosting provider when you made account for hosting.

If you want to manage files in better way using FTP-CLIENT I recommend you for FILE ZILLA .FileZilla is open source software distributed free of charge under the terms of the GNU General Public License.Which can be downloaded for Windows platform from here.

DISADVANTAGES :This Windows based Ftp manager is too slow and sometimes while copying or moving files we got error in Slow connections but it is OK for emergency situations.

Don’t Hesitate to Contact Us if have any Problems. 


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    1. check if you want to make a website.You must have internet connection in order to making website.You need the ISP just for connecting to internet don’t need any “contacting” them for it.

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