Lucky Patcher As a Security Solution

Lucky Patcher is a very useful applications for any rooted Android device. Normally people use it just for removing Advertisements, still there are lots of good uses includes  change application permissions, make a normal app to system app. For the security purpose changing app permissions is very useful.  The question is why would you like to change application permissions ? so here is the reason which would make you do it,

Whenever you install an application in an Android device even from the Play, you might have noticed most of them requires some permissions which would allow the app to use some functionality of your phone. So what’s wrong with that ? Have you ever noticed some Games requires permission to read your Phone Number, Contacts and even the IMEI number !!! Why a simple game needs your IMEI Number ??? Maybe some bad intentions !!! Spying, Spamming, Hacking !!! An app with permission to get your phone state , connected accounts and internet access can literally spy on you. Lucky Patcher can help here.


There may be some apps or games you can’t live without ( even if they spy on you) so The Lucky Patcher is a solution. And here’s how to use the Lucky Patcher as a Security Solution,
DISCLAIMER: We are not responsible if you harm your device. Do it your own risk.
Most probably this is never going to happen however at sake of “Nothing is Impossible” there is always a chance, and If you already rooted your device then this is lot safer than that so don’t worry about that.

I’ve tried this on Micromax A110 and it worked, As I mentioned before You will need a ROOTED Android device to get this thing work.

Always Work Keeping Backup:

It is always a good idea to work with a Backup

So backup everything, because if something goes wrong, it’d back you up !!! I’d recommend a complete backup from any custom recovery.

Get the Lucky Patcher:

Hence Lucky Patcher is not available on the Play Store, you must download its apk from , Then give it the SU permission.

Do the Patch:

Open Lucky Patcher – > Select the app you want to patch – >Select Open Menu of Patches – > Select Change the components to Application.

Lucky Patcher App Menu

(I don’t insult any app)

Patching Options

Now There are four options, This may help with selecting one.


The first one which is “Disable component method using ‘pm disable’ ” this does not work always, however this is the safest way as it doesn’t require to patch your device. So give this a try first.


For the rest of the methods you gotta do some patching work, It’s too simple (and dangerous) this is where you may brick your device so be super careful, Select Toolbox (at lower left corner) – > Select Patch to Android -> Tick on Disable Zip Signature Verify (if it is not patched) – > Apply !!! This will reboot your device so better keep battery charged. And as you can see there is an option to undo changes, you can use it after you are done changing permissions. However it is not recommended.


The second option is “Change Permissions Save original Signature (dangerous method)” I have never tried this option because it is labeled as dangerous.


The third one is “Change Permissions and Activities Save original Signature (Safe method)” this works well.


Fourth is “Change Permissions and Activities Rebuild and Install” this method will change permissions and rebuild the apk so whenever you reinstall it you don’t have to change permissions again.

All left is to disable permissions:

just go through the list of the permissions and disable those you doubt about. In general permissions like “android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE” which allows the app to access IMEI number,your Phone number, and Phone number of the person you’re talking with.

“android.permission.INTERNET” allows an app to connect to internet.

I don’t think I need to explain further as there is given details on every permission.

This is how enabled permission looks:

Enabled android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE

This is how disable permission looks

Disabled android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE

 Thank You for reading,

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