Howdy GeeKs!

Howdy GeeKs,

As there are many TECH BLOGs just like this don’t think that this is same as them!We are quiet different than others.This blog is specially made for GeeKs where other Geeks can share their geeks with other Geeks…

Fist of all What is Geek?→A person who is interested in technology, especially computing and new media. Geeks are adept with computers and internet.Thats a GEEK.



So lets get started…

TiP TO GeeK was an innovative idea of Pingupop2 Org. and become alive with HOSTDIME web hosting and NETFIRMS domain name service.We started learning WEB DESIGNING on localhost and become almost PRO in PHP,HTML and CSS.Also have taken W3SCHOOLS tutorials and that helped a lot….

Finally we are on TIP TO GeeK and follow us on twitter @tiptogeek and we can found on Facebook at Tip TO Geek

So will meet next time with some GeeKy post.

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