What are Hashfails in Torrenting and How to Fix That

While torrenting you must have observed ” Wasted: *** MB ( ** hashfails ) ” . So what are these hashfails and why data you just downloaded is getting wasted? 


Well, that data you downloaded (torrented 😛 ) didn’t match the expectations and just got discarded.Actually the torrent you download is divided into multiple pieces and you download data piece by piece. Every piece which is downloaded goes under ‘hash checking’ – a technique which will find for errors in piece. If it’s erroneous it will get discarded and considered as ‘wasted’.


In the torrent I downloaded ,there were 702 pieces * 1 MB each. So size was 701MB in total.(Of-course it was illegal torrent – it’s India 😀 )  You cant believe but I almost downloaded 1.29 GB for 702 Mb. THEY WASTED 531 MB!!!!

The cause for these hashfails is “ANTI P2P”  in most cases! They can’t stop torrenting in direct way so they piss off by providing us corrupted pieces of information.


These ANTI P2P org. people are in the list of Peers and they share data ( bad data ) with you. The best way to overcome this problem is to block those peers.

You can do it manually by adding bad peer’s IP.GoTo  Start -> Run then type  %AppData%uTorrent , find for ‘ipfilter.dat’.Download latest blacklist from Bluetack at http://www.bluetack.co.uk/config/nipfilter.dat.gz  http://www.deluge-torrent.org/blocklist/nipfilter.dat.gz This list gets updated daily, and contains all known Anti-P2P organizations, trackers and peers, as well as all known Government/Military IP addresses as collected by the Bluetack team. Once downloaded, extract and rename the file to “ipfilter.dat” . Make sure IP filtering is enabled ( You can find in under preferences of your P2P client i.e. uTorrent).

The other way is to use utility. Try PeerBlock or PeerGuardian. You can download blacklisted IP list from that software and they will block them for you 😀

See peerBlock in action ↓



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