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This is really useful trick for online gamer ,you could host almost all games from your computer not just game even you can host your website without paying a penny !!!! So look down here for free hosting.

First of all I’ll tell you that the trick is quite “tricky” so read carefully and if got any questions please comment about it ,I say again please comment don’t stay quite.Best thing is this could be work with Windows,Linux and Mac OSX. This is a guide to use a software in very simple way.


Let start with some basics:

“Hosting” is something like serving data to a network.(Here the network is internet).You can host computer data (like game,web,database,etc) using a software called “Server”.Even a hardware used to serve data is also a “Server”.

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Second thing is “Client”.Client is normally a software form it you can get the hosted data from the “server”.Browser you’re using to see this page is also a client.Client  require address of the Server to connect with.Address can be IP or Domain Name.

If  a sever installed to your computer then you can also host any data but there is little problem with it that you’ll be hosting with an IP  and if you have a dynamic-IP (which is normally it will) then your IP we’ll be keep changing after you re-connect so you’ll be hosting from different address every time and if you want a “Static-IP” then you’ll need to pay extra for it.

Let’s go for the solution :

Solution goes simple by using “no-ip duc”.Follow steps form now

Step 1: Go to

Step 2:Register a free account there.

Step 3:Go to “Add a host” tab.

Step 4:Select a good hostname and keep everything else unchanged if you’re gonna host from your computer. Step 5:Download,Install and Run No-IP DUC for your current OS.

Step 6:Log-in to your No-IP account to the DUC.

You’re done now !!!!!

Everything you serve to your IP it would be redirected to the hostname you’ve selected. But still a question come up “Where is the Server after all ???” We haven’t installed Server yet.If you’re doing this just for game so you’re almost done now. If your game supports to host game on localhost then just start hosting on localhost and tell your friends to join your game to your hostname(You’ve registered on the but keep the DUC open. NO-IP just replace your current IP to the hostname.

NO-IP duc is not more than a IP updater.It inform host when your IP is changed.

Here Are Some good use of it :

If you wanna create a Web Site using NO-IP then install “Apache Server”apache server icon

Apache is very popular web server for HTML.It’s easy to install just download from and select a stable binary version for Win32 (If you’ve 32bit Windows).I meant just Download the Apache server for your OS.

If you’re using “Ubuntu” then write : “sudo apt-get install apache2.2“in terminal.Its web directory would be “/var/www”

A folder in installation directory named “htdocs” will be your web folder where you can put your files to be served.I could write a tutorial on “Installation and Configuration of a very best Web Server” if you want.Just ask.

You could also use the NO-IP to create a file server using HFS server.You won’t need to download DUC if you use HFS.A simple tip to get hidden from unwanted hackers “Change your post in HFS and keep it secrete.”


  • If you’re using NO-IP then keep in your mind that any one can track or HAck oyu.Try to keep it secrete with your friends.
  • Use a good Firewall like ZoneAlarm or use PeerBlock to avoid hackers.

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