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Format Portable Media Player With Best File Systems.

This sounds very simple but it’s not actually. You would think “I just click the format button and all is done !” still remember a very special option you may not be looking at.

Every portable media player (like Walkman) have their specific file system which must not be changed. The file system is a method how the data is being stored in a device. If you change  the file system while formatting a portable media player, it may result a device malfunctioning or get a restart every time you start, means it won’t work as it should. Still you can change the file system as well. I’m telling that because such thing happened to me and it took days to figure out the problem.

Here is how you can format without changing the file system:

  • If you change such options you may get a “Restore device defaults” button so just click it before starting.It is not a necessary but avoid changing name (“Volume Label”) because in some case that causes a problem.
  • Before clicking next make sure the file system is “Default”


you can  format flash drive with different formats like NTFS,FAT32,exFAT………

Why are too many file systems in there ??? and What’s different between them ???

FAT32 is an old file system which does not allows a single file bigger than 4294967295   (232−1) Byte (4gigs) it’s commonly used as a primary file system with old Windows (like 98 and XP),check Wikipedia for more

NTFS allows much larger files than FAT32,and more popular now.So if you’re having error on copying   file >4 gig on flash drive that there’s no space then format it with NTFS file system.

Find more on Wikipedia

There are lots more file system used in various types of digital devices,different OS,different device have different File Systems take a look About it.

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