Counter Strike Server with AMX-ModX and CSDM

You could create a CS server on you computer and play with your friends without paying a penny.

What you need ??

  1. Counter Strike 1.6 (with HLDS.)
  2. AMX-ModX module
  3. CSDM module.
  4. No-IP Trick (optional)

HLDS is a server for Half Life based games like CS. Normally it’s inside the root folder of Counter Strike. AMX-ModX is a mod for Counter Strike which allows some good features for multiplayer and let you make your plugins. CSDM-Counter Strike Deathmatch is a plugin of AMX-ModX.



If you don’t see any file named “hlds.exe” where CS is installed then you will have to download HLDS separately from steam. Look here for that

And for the following steps use the HLDS installation folder instead of CS installation folder.

Installing AMX-ModX :

First you need to download AMX-ModX Core installer from

Then Install AMX-ModX Installer any where in you HDD. Then run the installer. Follow the steps and when they show something like ,


Then select the option “Select mod directory” .When they ask for directory , navigate to the <root directory  of the CS>\cstrike\. Now your done. To check your installation go to <CS root dir>\cstrike\addons\ and you’ll see two folders one would be amxmodx and you’re done with it. You can download some plug-ins for AMX from you just have to copy them to plugin folder in AMX dir and add their name at the end of the amxmodx\configs\plugins.ini file. Add admins into amxmodx\config\users.ini

Installing CSDM:

follow the steps.

step.1: Download CSDM 

step.2: Extract the zip and copy the content to AMX folder  at <CS root dir>\cstrike\addons\amxmodx\

Don’t copy the whole folder,copy the content in the CSDM folder one by one to similar folder at AMX dir. (If you’re on Windows 7 then just drag and drop everything to that folder and merge them)

step.3: You’re done 😀

Starting HLDS:

Go to CS folder and you may find  “hlds.exe” start it and create an server,configure it and now you could play CS online with your friends.

Tell your IP to your friends.The IP would be written on the upper left corner of hlds.Configure your server and start the game.Best config : Freez time = 0 and Starting money = 16000$.

If you have Dynamic IP (as you will have until you pay extra for Static IP) your IP would change every single time you reconnect the internet so you need to tell different IP to your friends every time you want to play !!!

Here’s the solution, Using  No-IP trick  just read that article and set up a hostname. Now you got a HLDS server with a host name which is easier to remember and absolutely free.

 Major TiPs:

  • You could start server without installing AMX or CSDM but it won’t be more fun.
  • CSDM let you to play Deathmatch (Give it a try it’s great)
  •  SOme Basic Command to control AMX and CSDM.

csdm_enable – start CSDM

csdm_disable – stop CSDM

amx_on – Turn On AMX

amx_off – Turn Off AMX

These are my personal favorite plugins archived here …..

Thanks For reading. If you want any help please ask.


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    1. First Check if you’ve extracted CSDM files in proper places if yes then check if AMX Mod X is running or not,if not then check in metamod plugins.ini there must be a path to AMX modx otherwise try to reinstall the Amx with default settings or send me a copy of plugins.ini of both Metamod and AMX MoDX i’ll try to solve your problem.

  1. I have done all steps but server is not still l workingin inetrnet and i can’t play with my friendzz online please help me…!!????

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