Change Image Resolution and Size Without External Software

This is short and sweet trick!

Many times we need to change image resolution, If picture is too big sized or clicked by any Hi-Resolution camera. It is harder to attach those pictures with mail or uploading somewhere having low web space by clouds or something like that.

Windows Paint is built in software in all windows and we can re-size picture with it very easily.


Lets have an example

  • This picture is sized 2.85 MB and having 4608 x 2592 resolution which is too big!
  • Now open that picture in Paint.
  • In windows 7 you will find RESIZE under HOME tab.If any other OS you can get it from menu bar.CLICK IT! You will see like this.Click on Pixels if you want to resize by pixels.Write desired values and click OK.
  • Save it and see its size!


You can also try this websites to do such online editing,


5 thoughts on “Change Image Resolution and Size Without External Software”

  1. Can I basically declare just how awesome it truly is to discover an individual who truly understands just what they’re dealing with on the internet. You without a doubt understand how to get across a matter. Cheers!

  2. thanks for the thoughts!!
    can you tell us how to increase the resolution of an image, i have an image of 96DPI and i want to change it to 300DPI.

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