How to Recover Permanently Deleted Files

Whenever you press the “Shift-Delete” or empty the Recycle Bin (or Trash) to permanently delete files, that actually don’t “permanently delete” files. That means you can get those files back like Magic !!! Software required to do that magic are called file recovery software. This could be very useful if you’ve accidentally deleted important files even wiped whole disk you can get almost everything back.

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Lightweight Command-line Download Manager – “wget”

“wget” is historical opensource lightweight command-line cross platform download manager by GNU. Technically it’s just a download-er. I won’t give a long description on what is wget, instead of that I’ll just show you how a tiny binary can be more useful than a sophisticated download manager.

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Setting Up Java Developer Environment For Beginners

Before you start Java, may have a question “Why should I waste my time learning Java ?” Here’s Why


Java is an Object Oriented programming language.After the C family (C family nothing but C , C++ ,C#,Objective C,many more languages based on “C” but i like that  “C family”) its great to learn for fun. The best thing about Java is its flexibility and safety. Let me explain the flexibility in terms of coding, you can write code and compile on any system and create some binary files. In case of Java the compiled binary file executes on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) not like ordinary binaries which executes on the system itself. So if there is a JVM present in any system the Java program or application would work on it. It’s like “Compile once and Run everywhere”.

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