How to take backup of Origin games

Origin The content delivery client for EA games is quite popular because it is the only way to get games from EA running now days. For those who buy just codes and downloads the game don’t have any options for taking backup of their games so if something goes wrong then it is obviously annoying to download games again and again. Just think of redownloading 20gigs (approximate size of Battlefield 3 w/ all DLCs) !!! The same thing happend to me so I found this trick to take backups.

Before we start,


Make sure to Read Everything Before Doing

First Locate the Origin Game Folder.

You need to locate where does the Origin saves all your games. It’s simple Go to Settings -> Advance Settings and you’ll find it.

Take Backup

 This part is very simple, Go to the Origin Game Folder (on the system you are going to take backup) and you’ll see some sub folders of your games. Now these are the folders where all the games are installed. Copy them as you need.

For those space conscious freaks you can compress  or even make a Self Extracting pack  or create a mountable image of the folder (kind of *.iso file). A tip if you’re gonna make a mountable image : Make image of whole Origin Game Folder not noly sub-folders

Time to Restore

Now I’m assuming that you have installed a fresh copy of Windows and Origin Client, so you want your games installed without downloading them.

Change Origin Game Folder to where you have stored the backup Games (or keep it as it is and copy Game Folder there). You may think restoring is done but it isn’t.

Rename the Game Folder (the backup folder) “GameName”  to something like “GameName.backup” or whatever you wish just don’t keep same.

Now sign in to your Origin account on the Origin Client . Click on the game you want to install and select Download Game option. Go through the licence agreement process and let the download began  (Don’t be panic you’re not going to download the game ).

Keep an eye on that Origin Game Folder. As soon as you see a new Folder in there, pause the download and close the Origin Client completely ( task manager will help ).

Delete that folder (just created by Origin) and rename those GameName.backup folder back to GameName. The thing is that the name of the Game Folder must be equal to that folder which origin created.

Start the Origin Client and resume the download, it will take a minute and then it will show you have successfully downloaded the game !!! 

Now you are ready to roll.

How Does This Trick Works ?

All we have done here is fooling the Origin Client that it have downloaded the whole game.

Having problem ? Just ask.


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