Slow Start up in Windows XP/VISTA/7


Generally after using  a operating system (especially windows) for a long time,your will see face slow start up in windows. That cause because of applications staring up when windows starts.This generally happens because of plenty applications are on startup.

So, to remove those apps from starting and make your pc boot faster just follow these steps.



  • open Run or use shortcut key Windows key + R
  • type “msconfig” and hit Enter


  • select “Startup” tab

Here you can stop applications from  starting on Windows start up..Un-check  unwanted applications from there.


  • select “Services” tab
  • click on Hide all Microsoft Services

You can stop some services that would unnecessarily takes process

  • click on OK .

Now restart your PC to let changes take efface and to confirm that above trick works!! ENJOY PC THAT STARTS FAST!!!

Now no more application would auto start without your permission !!!!


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