How To Use More Than One Google Chrome | Google Chrome Hidden Tricks

I’m talking about awesome browser Google Chrome.It’s truly great stuff for geeks (like me !!! :D)

If you’re currently using the google chrome try this trick now !!!


User Data Directory

This is how to customize local storage folder (user dir) of your chrome.

Step 1: Find a shortcut of Chrome and make a copy of it.You may find this on your desktop.

Step 2:Right click on it and go to Properties.

Step 3:Select “Target” box and add following line to the end

–user-data-dir=”<path of dir>”

Replace <path of dir> with any folder location you want your chrome save its History,Cache,Extensions,Settings etc. files.

Screenshot tells everything :

Chrome Shortcut Properties



I know a question coming in your mind.”Why do i need to do so ??? ”

so here’s the answer,

If you change your chrome data dir it will be an isolated chrome.You could make some independent browsers for other users or use it as a work browser.Another good thing that you could edit your chrome extensions files.There are many more things to do with this so try it at and tell me some other usage of this tweak.

Some precautions :

  • DO NOT remove the current line in “Target”.
  • Try this on a copy of shortcut.
  • Select a specific folder (don’t just write “C:\” it would flood out your C drive with folders and files)

And if you don’t have Google Chrome than download this old Google Chrome Offline Download



If you’re facing any problem then comment down here.I’ll assist you for sure.

PS:For newer versions of chrome 16 this trick become unnecessary due to some major changes like “Add User”


TiP No. 2 : Live Script Editing With “Inspect Element”

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4 thoughts on “How To Use More Than One Google Chrome | Google Chrome Hidden Tricks”

  1. AwwwYEAH !! that helped much …. but 1 thing : can this b done in other browsers { Opera, Safari} As far as my knowledge we can create several profiles in Mozilla Firefox. Thats cool but can this be done in othr browsers …. ????
    Awaiting Reply

    1. Umm… right now i haven’t tried to do something like this on the other browsers you mentioned but you can use this trick with any browser based on “Chromium”.
      I’ll try to find out this kind of trick with more browsers.
      and thank you very much for your precious suggestion.:D

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