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Create WiFi Hotspot on Windows

If you ever wanna use your ‘internet connection on laptop’  on your phone,tablet or any other laptop – it will just take a double click and you’re all done!

Microsoft provided inbuilt hotspot feature from Windows 7 and you can enable it by simply two CMD commands instead of using kinda freaky software.So here the detailed info for enabling hotspot! Continue reading


How To Open CMD In Any Folder – Hidden Windows Trick

This is very short hidden trick to open CMD in any folder directly! [ Without using cd .. OR cd <desired_folder> ] . You will often need this while executing any particular EXE file is not stored in root directory ( C:\ ) and you wanna execute { with / without arguments } .For example any C or C++ source file which is stored on desktop and you wanna compile it using GCC installed. Continue reading

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How to Install gcc in Windows

Sometimes it’s cool to use Open Source tools while developing something .Generally beginners in C or C++ use Borland Turbo C / C++ IDE (a.k.a. Turbo C/C++) but there are better options available. If you are just starting up with programming (or even you are pro),  GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) would the best choice as it is Free, OpenSource, not like Visual C. In most Linux flavors GCC is pre-installed but in Windows we have to install it manually and to do so just follow this simple steps!


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Use Android Packet Data on your Computer

People often want to use mobile data connection in computer and the easiest way to do so is to Enable Usb Tethering If you are having Android Smartphone!Tethering most often refers to using your smartphone as a mobile hotspot. To enable tethering you just have to follow these simple steps!

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Change Image Resolution and Size Without External Software

This is short and sweet trick!

Many times we need to change image resolution, If picture is too big sized or clicked by any Hi-Resolution camera. It is harder to attach those pictures with mail or uploading somewhere having low web space by clouds or something like that.

Windows Paint is built in software in all windows and we can re-size picture with it very easily. Continue reading

Simple Way to Change MAC Address in Windows

In simple language MAC address is the identity of a network device which is normally fixed for a device and always unique.Still we can’t change MAC address from the device but we can change it virtually,means  the connector would recognize your system as a MAC address given by yourself !!!

Generally ISP provides internet you to your specific MAC address so if you change the LAN card or Computer or connect a router you must register the MAC address of the new connected device to the ISP otherwise internet won’t connect on the device !!! Too bad huh ….. don’t worry it won’t be harrsing you anymore

Here is the simplest way to escape from these process of MAC registration, Continue reading

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Run Unsupported Add Ons in Mozilla Firefox!

Firefox by Mozilla Corp. is one of the most successful browsers in recent time. In some newer versions or beta versions of Mozilla Firefox many add-ons are unsupported.If you want to make them run I got a trick by using that most of (Not Every) add-on can work on your Firefox.

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